João Frade begins to design a very specific way of being in Portuguese music, which he calls “Creative Portuguese Music”. This consists of a fusion of traditional rhythms from the southernmost regions of the country and beyond, with melodies and rhythms from the Mediterranean and with North American Jazz.

At the same time, he has actively participated projects like Moda Vestra, Triktopus, Made in Nordeste, Pedro Jóia Trio, Manuel de Oliveira “Entre” e “Ibéria”, “Deux Accordéons une Voix”, Marenostrum, and as a resident musician in Mariza’s band.

His self-titled album (2019) in collaboration with Michael Olivera and multi-instrumentalist Munir Hossn, reaffirms and reinforces, with marked maturity, aesthetic tendencies already rooted in the identity and path of the inspiring Algarve musician and, on the other hand, winks at some new sound paths towards the adoption of an even more eclectic and cosmopolitan language.

If the ethno jazz matrix is ​​unavoidable in this album, the approach to a more pop universe and to minimalist and repetitive registers and schemes is also present in this exploratory journey, through various imaginaries in search of a “melodic purity”.

João Frade has revealed himself to be one of the most eclectic and creative musicians in the Portuguese Music scene, demonstrating a huge creative restlessness and always looking for new horizons.













João Frade Jazz Trio

Live, João Frade invites Michael Olivera and Yarel Hernandez to compose his jazz trio. Counting on the support of a rhythm section in order to print a greater mobility and malleability to his compositions, often from simple melodies, but with the use of more sophisticated harmonies and less common rhythmic patterns.

The musician thus gives audiences a fresh, unique approach to the accordion as an instrument, but also new compositions, making each performance a unique, unpredictable event.

The influence of the Latin American and Mediterranean musical universe is very present in the sound of this Jazz

Michael Olivera and Yarel Hernandez seek constant dialogue in a dynamic proposal to the soloist and without ever losing focus on the swing.

João Frade & Orquestra Aenigmaticus

This project builds and deconstructs melodies that are suggested by the sounds of the land, in a land of sounds.

With a futuristic narrative and conceived as a sensorial concert, this musical performance cannot, however, be dissociated from a more traditional and ancestral matrix, both in sound and visual terms.

The groove is the guiding thread and a tether to this Earth, so marked by history. In a somewhat unusual crossroads of instruments, the resulting sound could only be unique.

Electronics, Samples, Accordion, Voice, Keyboards and Trumpet come together, emanating and emulating sounds alluding to the “musical” history of the Algarvensis Geopark, trying to open a little of this giant geological book that is now being discovered.

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