The album is called “The Most Beautiful Skies” and is about individual and global battles, about small pieces of happiness that make it worth fighting for every day so the skies look like the most beautiful ones we have ever seen.

“The Most Beautiful Skies” is about resilience and the calm after the storm, about the feeling when we look at the sky and it seems the most beautiful one we have ever seen because we accomplished something.

The whole album is instrumental, except for the first and the last songs which have sung parts: the first theme is about taking ownership of your own destiny and the last one is about taking ownership of all of our destinies since it talks about climate change, the most pressing challenge we’re facing as humanity” – João Faísca, Plasticine’s composer and guitar player.

Plasticine is a world music band from the Algarve (Portugal) that opened this year’s edition of the MED Festival.

After having a song nominated for the IPMA Awards 2021 in the categories of Best Instrumental Performance and People’s Choice, Plasticine also received government funding to sponsor this new album.


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