With a clear approach to new musical trends, without barriers or demarcated borders and close to the younger generations, the MONDA project has created a contemporary approach to Cante Alentejano, mixing traditional composition with the new sounds of World Music. 

This project, now included in the ALG-Eventos catalogue, begins in 2022 a new sonic journey towards the biggest stages in the country. The ingredients from which the inspiration that distinguishes this passionate collective are present in each of their songs.

MONDA is everything that the Southern plains offer us: serenity, strength and distinction.  Live, with new colours and new contours, MONDA becomes a genuine, luminous and exciting party, which sings deep into the world, its deepest roots. 

MONDA recorded in their last album CAL, the theme Moreninha, with the talented MARO. A voice that has become a true inspiration and resulted in an exciting and truly brilliant song.

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