Locked inside four walls, in the middle of a pandemic context, Eneida Marta challenged her youngest son, the producer Rúben Azziz, to make her a song different from everything she had ever sung.
This challenge gave rise to “Kuma”, a cry of revolt against the constant political blows and attacks on the people of Guinea-Bissau, a song which was well received by the public, not only because of its style – trap and electronic – but also because of its content.

While Kuma is a cry of revolt at the political situation in Guinea-Bissau, the song “Allan Guinea” is a cry of hope, hope for a prosperous country, hope for the recovery of his country.

“Fidalgo”, the successor song to the hit “Allan Guiné”, by the Guinean singer Dulce Neves, recorded over 20 years ago, gives an image of the reality in Guinea-Bissau: the lack of jobs; women on the streets with their children, looking for something to eat?

For Eneida Marta, the songs “Kuma”, “Allan Guiné” or “Fidalgo” are all “a wake-up call for one subject or another”.

The union of Eneida Marta, Rúben Azziz and Eneida’s brother, Gerson Marta, resulted in “a family production”, recorded in “a family studio in Portugal”, which gave rise to the name of the album.

“Family” is released on all digital platforms on October 3, 2022.

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