“Fidalgo” is the new single by Eneida Marta, and follows the success “Allan Guinea” released in June this year. 

“Fildalgo” is the portrait of a family torn apart by precarious living conditions, leading a mother to the humiliating act of begging for food on the streets of Bissau. This is the story of thousands of people who, without a job, are gripped by despair. They have nowhere to leave their children, and job opportunities are nil. But it is also “in difficulties that we build our best version” says Eneida Marta about the new song.
“Fildalgo” is a composition by Dulce Neves, the biggest name in Guinean culture in the XXI century.
The video was filmed in Guinea Bissau by acclaimed director Willsoldiers, starring the Sursum Corda Choir.

The New Album “Family”

“Fidalgo” is the third single that anticipates the sixth work of originals by Eneida Marta, born in the middle of the pandemic. Closed within four walls, Eneida Marta asked her son, producer Rúben Azziz, to prepare a song for her, “Kuma” was born, a cry of revolt, in the face of the constant blows and political attacks on the people of Guinea-Bissau. It was then, inside her own house, that Eneida found the contemporary touch, which she had been looking, for a long time, for her sound, that was born from the most traditional roots of African music.
That’s why it’s called Family, for the first time, an album of mine was made entirely as a family” says the artist.
“Family” is released on all digital platforms on October 3, 2022. It was recorded between Lisbon and London, and the production is by Rúben Azziz and Gerson Marta.

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