When everything seemed lost, when the future insisted on being black, behold, “Allan Guiné” appears, a cry of hope for a whole people eager for the much desired prosperity, “of the good winds that are to come”, as Eneida Marta sings in the new song. The time has come, this is our hour.

“Allan Guiné”, was recorded at Broda music studios, has music and lyrics by Tony Delgado, production by Ruben Azziz and co-production by Gerson Marta, the mixes have the signature of alXX.productions, and the mastering by Mário Barreiros.

“This record has production by Ruben Azziz. It was a partnership that was born during the first confinement of 2020, at a moment when my voice held the anguish of uncertainty of these new times. Kuma” was born, a kind of cry that gave me back the urgency to sing Guinea Bissau. Without the possibility of performing live, or resorting to the work of other professional colleagues, I turned inwards and found in my son Ruben, the best producer for my sound. This new record started to be born.” Eneida Marta

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