The biggest sunset in the country took place from June 7 to 9 at Praça e Praia dos Pescadores in Albufeira. Over the course of three days, one of Albufeira’s best-known beaches was the stage for several national and international DJs and the dance floor for thousands of house music fans.

On the first day of the sunset, Mark Ursa was the star of the evening. The internationally renowned DJ brought house beats and sounds to Albufeira. On the same day, Yves Henrique Pontes, Gonzalez and Alex Morais filled the stage with their vibrant rhythms that got everyone dancing.

Diego Miranda, one of the most important national DJs, topped the bill at Albufeira Sounds Sunset the following day, after performances by Silicone Soul, Jean Marie, Massive Drum and Charlie Spot.

The event closed on Saturday with a performance by Regard and their deep house sound. Also present were Tom Enzy, China, Zé Black and Jay Martin.

This ALG-Eventos production was a success for the second year running and we look forward to seeing you at the next edition.