The new sound of Tribali

The sound of Tribali

The unique and eclectic sound of Tribali emerges from an unconventional array of instruments and an unlikely fusion of musical genres. This is where the ethereal frequencies of the sitar meet the deep earthy vibrations of the didgeridoo and where hypnotic vocals contrast with upbeat ethnic percussion rhythms. In addition, distorted electric guitars, chunky bass lines and dance-oriented drums blend effortlessly with the mouth harp, harmonica and acoustic guitar.

A kaleidoscopic open-genre musical world?

These collective musical bearings culminate in a vibrant exhibition of Tribali’s open-genre, which includes impeccably fused psychedelic, classic and ethnic sounds, dub, reggae and ska, rock and blues. The various influences in Tribali’s unique sound allow the band to combine seamlessly with almost any musical genre. In fact, the band has performed alongside some very diverse world-class acts, such as Moby, The Prodigy, Faithless, Ziggy Marley, The Wailers, G3, John Butler, Wolf Mother, Crowded House and The Specials to name a few.

High-energy live performances

The band has succeeded in developing a high-calibre act with an inimitable sonic vibe. Compelling high-energy music, dynamic crowd interaction and a distinct message of positive vibrations create the electrifying atmosphere which is now signature of Tribali’s live performances. Appearances at local festivals, such as Earth Garden and the Farsons Beerfest, as well as acclaimed international festivals, such as Glastonbury Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest and Psy-Fi , invariably culminate in exuberant cheering from delighted crowds. History, albums and awards When the band was formed in 2004, it immediately embarked on a journey of live performances which captivated audiences and catapulted the band as one of the premier acts in Malta. Tribali went on to launch three studio albums, “Tribali,” “Elephants of Lanka” and “The Traveller” as well as a critically acclaimed compilation, “Festa.” These have won Tribali several Malta Music Awards, including “Best New Act”, two “Best Album” and three “Best Band” awards. The band has also received some very encouraging global press reviews. Byron Bay Bluesfest festival director and music guru Peter Noble names Tribali as “one of the best bands to EVER play Bluesfest” and recommends the band in his top ten to listen. Tribali will launch its much-anticipated fourth album in 2018.

International gigs and tours

The band has performed several international gigs since the band’s inception, with successful performances at the prestigious Byron Bay Bluesfest, Glastonbury Festival and Ancient Trance World Music, to name a few. Summer 2015 saw the band’s first official tour in Turkey, Hungary, Finland and Sicily. In 2016, Tribali performed in Spain and Portugal and headlined Everness Festival in Hungary for the second time. In 2017, the band’s tour included the Med’17 in Portugal, Everness Festival and Utos Festival in Hungary and Psy-Fi Festival in The Netherlands. Tribali is now accepting bookings for 2018.

Who is Tribali?

Tribali features Antoine on drums, percussion, samples and vox; Peter Paul on percussion, nylon guitar, keyboards and vox; Eliza on lead vocals, acoustic guitar and tambourine; Nik on didgeridoo and mouth harp; Andrew on sitar and electric guitar; and Liam on bass and vox.

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