Eneida Marta has been chosen has one of the artists to be part of the new international project UMOJA — ONE LOVE FOR AFRICA.




It has all started during a trip to Kenya, more specifically to Mombasa, when Alan Floyd was invited to a goodwill trip organized by the local government, last February 2020. The musical project UMOJA - ONE LOVE FOR AFRICA, already has the support, after just nine months, of more than 20 African countries, from several European countries, including Portugal, France and Sweden and from the United States of America.

A project that was born out of the desire to create an African unity through music and that aims to move artists, producers and everyone who wants to show their art, because, as Alan Floyd tells us, “There is no movement without music!”.

The final result will culminate in the interpretation of the theme UNITY (UMOJA), created by Alan Floyd and Shirko Salim, by the most diverse artists of the African diaspora.

 So far, 37 singers have officially joined the Umoja machine, including the queen and soul of Guinean music, Eneida Marta. A UNICEFF ambassador for many years, Eneida makes supporting social causes her second profession, paying close attention and dedication to her country's problems and embracing all causes that can make her better and grow, both economically and socially.

Global operations director for the international tours of the unmistakable singer Beyoncé (with whom she has worked for 21 years since the foundation of Destiny's Child), tour manager for many other American stars like Jay Z or Mary J. Blige, businessman and, when he succeeds, musician and producer, Alan Floyd is also the son of one of the icons of soul and blues of the 60s, explaining his passion and dedication to the world of music.

 Always looking for new ideas, trends and inspirations, it was during his last trip to Kenya, more specifically when visiting the studio of a talented local musician, that this project was born, when he was invited by this artist to return and compose a song with him. Combining the sounds of East African percussion, reggae notes and a little African-American beat, Alan Floyd and Shirko Salim created the theme UNITY, or in Swahili, UMOJA.

 Returning to the United States, Alan contacted several friends in various parts of the world, sending them the music and asking for an opinion, which proved to be unanimous and extremely positive from Europe to South America, through Africa and through his own country. But Alan did not stop here, making this music available for free to other musicians, so that they could create their own interpretations. In addition to the musicians, this theme was also made available to filmmakers and television producers in order to be able to use it as a soundtrack for films and documentaries or any type of audiovisual content that aligns with the spirit of music UMOJA - ONE LOVE FOR AFRICA.

Revising herself strongly in the ideals of this project, it was with great pleasure that Eneida Marta accepted the invitation to sing and reinterpret the original UMOJA music, thus taking, once again, the name and music of her country abroad. More than a song, Eneida hopes that this new social movement will draw international attention to the various young people and new talents that exist in Guinea-Bissau, and in Africa, thus enhancing numerous opportunities for success yet to be discovered. A project that has as its central objective the growth of the African economy through the most diverse cultural initiatives, fostering and boosting transatlantic and multicultural artistic collaborations.

The music and video UNITY / UMOJA by Eneida Marta will be ready in early 2021. Stay tuned.


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