Luar da Namorosa

Music from the Alentejo: Cante Alentejano (a specific genre of purely vocal music), as well as other popular forms of music in the region, originate from a people that sing. This population was then faced with a social and economic reality that gave these genres a reason to exist. New times and a new reality justify a search for new ways to perpetuate the culture of the Alentejo, allowing us to investigate new processes and perspectives that transform today's singing into tomorrow's traditions.

 Originally from Castro Verde, in the Alentejo, but also a world musician, Manuel Ferraz is a guitarist with vast technical knowledge. In this project, he goes back to his roots, performing a contemporary interpretation of the music of the Alentejo, particularly of many of the fashions that can be observed in traditional Alentejo chanting. In order to do so, he has worked with conductor Nuno do Ó and the singers of Luar, who together with the group's instrumentalists, embody the contemporaneity of this project. It is this rich combination that now comes to perform the vast, rich scores of traditional Alentejo music, opening new doors with striking views over the characteristic plains.

It is this vision that Manuel Ferraz wants to share through Luar da Namorosa. With this vision, which he created alongside the young population of the Alentejo - those who populate the plains today and who resist the erosion brought about by changing times and their isolated location - the group demonstrates the vitality of their people, their youth and creativity, perpetuating the songs across the vast plains.

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