Kel Assouf

In 2006, Anana Harouna arrived in Brussels after a long exile and created a new band: Kel Assouf. Since then he explored various styles and formulas gathering musicians from African and European countries. The band recorded two albums with Igloo Records: two completely different stories, from tradition to deep rock. With one foot in the desert and the other in Europe, Anana Harouna sings about Sahara, Niger and Brussels. The melodies and rhythms are directly inspired by Berber music. His short sentences, laid on scales and rhythms from traditional keltamasheq music, remind us the concision of Japanese haiku. 


With a new minimalist power trio, surrounded by Sofyann Ben Youssef on the organ and the Moog SUB 37, and Olivier Penu on drums, Anana Harouna's revolt against injustices is made explicit by the saturated voice of his guitar. The African trance rhythms melted into the energy of vintage rock move us to a dancefloor somewhere between London and Niamey - a powerful groove machine !


There is one thing Anana loves very much: sharing his poems with his fans during live streaming sessions on social media. He doesn’t need more than his voice and his guitar to express his message of peace and respect.


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