Hatim Belyamani - aka H.A.T - is a talented and multidisciplinary musician who grew up in Morocco surrounded by Arab, sub-Saharan influences. At Harvard he studied composition, jazz and ethnic music but it was with electronic music that he identified himself, beginning to compose and produce his own tracks since 2002. Throughout his career he has received several awards as a piano and guitar player.

In 2012 he founded Remix Culture, an international collective with the aim of creating harmonious links between traditional music and electronic fusion. The goal is to identify, preserve and share the traditional music of the world. With this project, he has participated in festivals all over the world, from China to California, through Brazil, Morocco, New York or Denmark. His shows are a mix between visual arts, live video editing and electronic and natural sounds, creating a captivating and hypnotic living universe, revisiting traditional music that he extracts from his original videos in an improbable and engaging mix.

H.A.T. is a unique show where ancestral musical traditions across the world intersect with digital arts to create a live performance. An invitation to creation and innovation, showing that from ancestral rhythms to electronics, it's just a step!

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