Ben & The Pirates

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.”

 The sea. The beach. The sun. The blue sky. The waves. The sea spray. The warm nights.

Ben & The Pirates like to keep their audiences rolling on the waves and are the result of the musical melting pot that is the Algarve. Using Reggae as their sun-filled glue, they fold in a pinch of Ska, another of Rock, some Groove and the result is a party where Ben & The Pirates are the life and soul.

 Founded in 2013, the band is a creative union between its members, all career musicians who have taken paths through very different musical styles. Their diverse influences - ranging from jazz improvisation to Brazilian drumming and even rock - were all included as pallets of tones used for each of the songs on their debut album “Be Water”, which was edited in 2014.

 The band consists of Bernardo “Ben” Carneiro on vocals and guitar, Luis Henrique on electric bass, Luiz Lima on percussion, Carlos Rosa on drums, João Frade on the melodica and percussion and Paulo Machado on keyboards.

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